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With 15 years of extensive experience in data recovery, our expert can easily recover your lost data from USB Sticks. We can help you in the data recovery which you might have considered to be lost.
USB Stick Recovery

Software Fault £149

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2-3 Days

Critical Service £495

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Deterioration of USB Memory Sticks:

The fact is every object degrades with time. Like other devices, USB memory stick will also degrade with time. If you are using the device for a long time, it can start degrading. USB Sticks also carry EEPROM, and there is a thin layer of oxide which with time deteriorates. This can make the USB stick inaccessible. You can contact us, and our professional engineers can recover data from your failed USB stick.

Physical Damages Can Lead to USB Stick Failure:

USB sticks are designed in such a way that it can be used for any devices and many purposes. However, it will keep running until its last collision and knock. Excess knocking can damage the USB Stick. In such cases, you can lose your data permanently. But, no need to worry about this now. Contact us ASAP, and we will do our best to retrieve all your data from the USB stick.

Damage to USB Stick’s USB 2.0 Port:

USB port 2.0 helps the USB sticks to get connected to any devices. But, the port can face problems, and your USB stick will not work on any device. A faulty connection between the USB adaptors and the pins can develop such situation. Here, the only thing you can do is, contacting us. Our expert engineers by using advanced chip-reading software can recover data from USB port damaged USB Sticks.

Home Computer Not Detecting USB Stick:

If the USB stick has been used for a long time, your PC may not be able to detect the USB Stick. Sometimes power surge can develop such situation. A power surge can corrupt the chip called EEPROM. If your USB stick has important data and now you can’t access those, just contact us. We can successfully recover all your data.

Home or Office Computer No Longer Able to Read USB Stick:

You may well find yourself in the position of not being able to read the data on your USB memory stick even though you were previously able to. This may occur because of a corruption in the file allocation table on the memory chip or because the firmware (the small but important program that tells it how to communicate with a host device) has become corrupted. This can happen simply because the memory stick has been used a lot and has lived out its lifespan but can also occur if there has been a power surge whilst it was connected to a host device. Another avenue to explore is the potential introduction of a virus to the memory stick whilst it was connected to another host device. If you cannot access your memory stick and have important data you need to recover contact us at and we can run through the ways in which we may be able to help

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